Drag Chains

Electro-Mechanical Industries offers the best designed and field tested drag chains, made of stainless steel and vibration resistant hardware. Each drag chain provides organized cable separations, sized to fit your cable load. Designed to fit into any space constraints, no special tools or lubrication required for operation.

Our clients know and trust our product. Stainless steel means greater reliability, capabilities, and longer equipment life. Greater lifetime, reliability, and capability than non-metallic chains and festoon systems. Les is less cumbersome and more cost-efficient than articulating arms. Because the rugged stainless steel construction requires no lubrication, our drag chains are virtually maintenance free. EMI drag chains are shipped pre-assembled and ready for easy and immediate installation. Our equipment is designed for maximum cable protection, which means less downtime to replace damaged cables.

EMI For our clients’ and our benefit, we employ a third party specialist to inspect and verify the capabilities of our design. Importantly, we charge for design and engineering ONLY when the product meets your needs.

We Provide Timely Solutions by Designing Industry Products to Meet Customer Specifications and Needs.